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Costa Rica Resort

 Welcome to Costa Rica and the five star Resort Martino! All of our surgeries are performed by qualified surgeons in modern facilities and all recovery time is spent at the five star Resort Martino. As you may expect our procedure prices can be up to 50% of those in the US and of equal quality.

Consider the value: The real value comes when you consider you will receive the complete procedure as well as the all inclusive recovery package (included in rates ). Package includes up to 2 weeks in beautiful Costa Rica, all meals, transfers, in and outpatient hospital stays, anesthesia, lodging in a five star suite, taxes and the security of professional surgeons and medical staff caring for you or your loved one. (Read surgeon bio).Tell your friends you are going on vacation in Costa Rica and return in 15 days with a new look, more confident then ever and little or no trace of the procedure!

Prices depend on the individual and could be lower (but generally no higher) than the listed prices. Our surgeon will be able to pre-evaluate your case after you send us your photographs and required information. The Doctors´ fee includes Dr. Arnoldo Fournier his assistant, anesthesiologist and 2 certified nurses; and the Hospital's fee includes your arrival night, two nights after surgery, private room and bathroom, three meals a day, and cable/TV.
IMPORTANT: Recovery Information
We strongly recommend patients to stay at Resort Martino for at least 14 days after most procedures, especially if they are Liposuction, Lipectomy, Complete Facelift, Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation, etc. or had more than one surgery at once. In your case, you might want to consider staying at least 10 days after your surgery. This period is crucial for any healthy recovery because any infection can be detected, and complications could be avoided. We like to keep a close look during our patients´ recovery time. During this period my patients are asked to stay in absolute rest (not necessarily in bed all day, but staying at rest), at Resort Martino. After one week,you can slowly begin to do your daily routine but at a very slow pace. Consider that all patients need to have peace of mind, and avoid by all means stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety diminish the percentage of oxygen in blood. The blood circulation slows down, and as a result it slows down the recovery of tissue from the lack of oxygen. Our doctors personally recommend reading books and or watching fun movies. It is very important for people to recover in a healthy environment.
Click here to contact us with required patient information so we may get started with a pre-surgery telephone interview! >>

For More Information Call Toll Free:
1-866-272-7477 Or Reserve Online
In Costa Rica: Tel: ++ 506 433-8382    Fax: ++ 506 433-9052 La Garita de Alajuela, Costa Rica e-mail: or Reserve On Line
All Content and Photos © 2003-4 Resort Martino

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